Leadership Assessment

Leadership Assessment is a process of estimation of leadership skills and competences of the chosen Candidate or group of Candidates, who are already on (or are planned to be promoted to) leadership, managerial or executive position/s.

Leadership Assessment can be used in situations:

  • After the acquisitions, in situations when the new business owner wants to keep none, some or all the managerial staff;
  • When the reorganization of managerial teams is required;
  • When the promotion of one internal manager is required and the decision should be taken which one is it to be;
  • In the processes or reorganizations and staff decreases;
  • In situations when the Client already has 2-3 Candidates for a new role and needs an external opinion;
  • It can help companies in improving the leadership development plan of its employees;
  • It can help employees to improve possible gaps in all stages of their managerial careers;
  • It helps both, companies and Candidates to create their career goals;


Succession Planning

Succession Planning is a process that helps companies to be prepared for the (unexpected) leave of the key people from key functions. Succession Planning means the company is prepared for such situations by identifying and developing potential successors who should be ready, prepared but also willing to take over new roles.

The process should be aligned with the business strategy and plans and managed in full coordination with HR department.

Reference Check

Reference check is a part of the hiring process and is done upon the Client’s request. It is usually used when the new potential employer would like to check or to get some additional information about Candidate’s employment history, educational background or to learn more about some skill or qualification that can be of importance for the new role. It is usually done for 1-3 shortlisted candidates.

After previous agreement with the Client about what should be checked, references are requested from the Candidate/s, usually 2-3 per Candidate. As a result of this, the Client shall receive a Reference Check Report, tailor made for the specific Client with the focus on specific request.


Advisory Services

Advisory services are provided with the aim of supporting different Client needs and business efforts as well as to overcome certain weaknesses, in domain of staff needs and staff reorganizations. It is usually used in case of:

  • Entering the Serbian market;
  • Reorganizational processes;
  • Business upgrading and its extending;
  • etc;

Board / Governance Services / Leadership Solutions

This service targets Board members in order to achieve excellence in Board governance. Board members and organizational leaders use this service in situation when:

  • One or a number of Board members need to be changed;
  • When one or a number of Board members leave the company;
  • In case individual director assessment is required for different reasons.
Leadership solutions include search for CxO positions, Board advisory, CEO succession, and assessment of CxO individuals or teams. The aim of this service is to support Client`s in establishing or reorganizing the most successful option of It`s Board team. We focus on Client`s specific leadership needs, on the company culture as well as the Client`s specific plans and expectations all in order to reach the best possible Board team efficiency.