Professionalism of the staff, effectiveness of the process while always having customer satisfaction in mind. Sladjana and Katarina are amongst the best and most professional consultants that I have worked with in the field of recruitment, providing thorough research, focus on facts and giving timely and direct feedback in order to push the process to completion. It was a great pleasure cooperating with them.

Plant Manager, Building and construction industry,


I made the first contact and cooperation with LeadNet at the end of 2021 during the selection for the position of Leading Engineer in one of the leading companies for management and maintenance of business and commercial facilities. I was guided through the process in a very professional way. At LeadNet, I had a reliable partner during the selection process and after entering the position offered. I recommend working with LeadNet because I am convinced from my personal experience of professionalism and a thorough approach to each project.

Leading Engineer, Real Estate Industry,


During my professional experience I came in contact with various executive search agencies, and I would definitely I could tell that the experience with LeadNet was one of the most positive. I would especially like to emphasize the very professional, thorough and client customize approach that Sladjana and her team nurture. The client has the feeling that have reliable partner in the agency with whom will be able to realize the project, regardless of the challenge that objectively exists on the market.

Regional HR manager, Building and construction industry,


With deep assessment of our company culture and specificities, detail understanding of expectation which candidate should meet, great knowledge of labor market in Serbia and professional approach, Sladjana brought tremendous value in complex recruitment process for important role in our team. In all steps of process we felt like we have partner on which we can rely on with confidence, partner who fully understand our needs and who is able to find invisible link between our expectations and perfect candidate.

CEO and COO, IT company,


During my job search, I came across Leadenet by reference, and had very pleasant experience during the process. Though COVID modeled the labor market and recruitment processes in a very specific way, putting all of us candidates in a very challenging situation, Leadnet team handled it in a very professional way, having in mind both clients and candidates needs. First of all, by balancing just about right amount and timing of information. I would describe Leadnet team as a fine tuned balance of proficiency in recruitment and interviewing, interconnections on the labor market, and care for candidate. Team which works for the long term partnerships.

HR Director, FMCG Industry,


Cooperation with Sladjana and her team was very revealing experience for me. With their exceptional approach to the job and the candidate they got my favor already at the first interview.
I sincerely look forward to our further cooperation.

HR Manager, Automotive industry,


I had opportunity to be in process of recruitment by Leadnet agency.
It was a great pleasure for me to cooperate with such as great and professional people. I was in process for Quality Manager in automotive industry which lead to my professional employment.
My impressions are that a tremendous effort was performed from Leadnet in complete process and professionality on first place. Communication was great. Availability of consultants was very flexible and on top level.

Quality Manager, Automotive industry,


I was searched by Leadnet d.o.o. as a candidate for position of General Manager for one of the Plants of Steel Making company. I had a very positive impression from first moment of communication. I liked the highly professional approach and well prepared, detailed, targeted, focused orientation on each discussion we had. All arrangements were done in timely manner with proper urgency. Finally I was interviewed by Customer Executives and hired for required position. I am really satisfied with handling from development till hiring.

Factory General Manager, heavy industry,

Serbia (an expat)

I do appreciate the whole experience I got dealing with LeadNet d.o.o.
I am very grateful for your outstanding and exquisite support in the whole process.

Head of Sales, Mining and Metals industry,


I had an opportunity and a great pleasure to be a candidate of an executive search process managed by Leadnet, which resulted with my new engagement.
Through my long career, working on executive roles, I was cooperating with big, international executive search providers. In Serbia, I had the opportunity to be a candidate of LeadNet company and was positively surprised with the professional approach, commitment and responsiveness that they showed, and which was present during the whole process. It would be my pleasure to cooperate with them again.

CEO, Croatia and Slovenia, Hospitality Industry,

Croatia and Slovenia

Leadnet management took time to understand the specific organization chart of our company and to meet our professional needs. Finding highly profiled candidate for our top management position, Leadnet helped our growth, company relations and improved our processes rapidly. I highly recommend LeadNet, to both public and private environments, who are expecting professional results and quality resources in their companies.

Managing Director, Non-food Retail Company,


In today’s extremely fast and challenging business environment, that can be easily recognized in finding and hiring of good candidates, Mrs. Ginic and her LeadNet team show passion, proactivity, professionalism and empathy during the complete selection process.
Good communication skills, and self-confident behavior, combined with target oriented approach are putting Mrs. Ginic in position of reliable partner with big potential for building of strong professional relationship, from client as well as from candidate perspective.

Plant Manager, Automotive Production Company,


Working with LeadNet and Sladjana in particular, has been a remarkable experience. She was always ready to assist, providing consistent feedback in a timely manner, which exceeded my expectations and made the search for a new position easy and gratifying. She has given me an individual service which many other recruiters just don’t do. Her way of working inspires confidence, and you know that what she sets out to do will be done with the utmost professionalism and integrity. I would recommend Sladjana and her team to anyone.

Business Development Leader, Software Industry,


Thank you for your kind and professional relationship during the selection period.

Production Manager, Renewables and Environment,


LeadNet is a highly professional company which takes care of our privacy. Great preparation of all details. I always felt comfortable interacting with you as you were animated to find those candidates that best fit our requirements.

General Manager, Mining and Metals industry,

South Africa

The professional approach during initial contact and control of the entire recruitment process, via all phases, up to the final candidate selection. Providing a fast and accurate reverse feedback after each selection phase. Ensuring full confidentiality and a personal approach toward the candidate.

Sales Director for East Europe, Mining and Metals Industry,


I had the pleasure to cooperate with Sladjana, owner of LeadNet, on several very difficult search projects. Sladjana has a very professional approach to recruitment, starting from the position and brief definition, careful and detailed target list definition and excellent and professional way of building relationships with candidates. She will present the position and company in the very professional and appealing manner.

HR Director, Automotive Company ,


Reliable, trustworthy, open minded, very wise and strait forward at the same time, cooperative, good time management and always focused on customer satisfaction.

Plant HR Manager, Automotive Company,


  • The effectiveness of any recruitment process is strictly related to the results provided to the Company by the selected candidate. Our experiences with Sladjana has been simply great from this perspective.
  • Cooperating with her is extremely easy since her approach is simple, resilient, structured and straight forward.
  • She is a great partner for foreign companies investing in Serbia: quite knowledgeable about the local market and always ready to remove obstacles to the recruitment process which might be related just to cultural differences.

Vice President Manufacturing, Automotive Company ,


The contact, cooperation and presentation of the position and the employer were done on a high professional level: honest, clear and confidential.
Special value of LeadNet is that they can see the needs of both sides and find the best match.
I strongly recommend LeadNet.

CFO, Food Production Company,


It has been an absolute pleasure working with LeadNet and with Sladjana. She was supportive, motivating and highly professional during our collaboration. I have gained very valuable information and had such a positive experience throughout the process.

CFO, Chemical Industry,


  • I like cooperating with Sladjana because she is extremely focused on getting the job done and she never gives up, even if the search is extremely difficult
  • Sladjana’s behavior and values are a perfect match for our Company values and the approach we are searching from a business partner
  • One of the best added values of working with Sladjana is that she has an extraordinary knowledge of the Serbian market, in many industries and HQ functions

Global HR Director, Operations & HQ Staff, Automotive Company,


LeadNet is an excellent team of highly motivated professionals. I had the pleasure to be their client and can say that Leadnet was providing complete professional guidance, feedback and all other necessary support through all stages of the process. It will be my pleasure to work with them again.

Senior Manufacturing Manager,


Leadnet contacted me for a top management opportunity in Serbia and took me through several stages of the hiring process. During each step their approach was very professional and exceeded the expectation level in terms of time and organization.

Steel Rolling Mill Professional,


Appreciating the respect Leadnet has for the complexity of our demands, striving to deliver the best service on our market. Feels great to have a partner who shares your sense of urgency and desire to find the best possible solution.

HR Director, International Construction Company,


Approachable, always there to support and achieve stretching targets, detailed, approaches every position with the same passion and dedication as it has done the first time, all in all reliable partner in this volatile environment.

HR Director Europe, International Beverage Production Company,