LeadNet is an Executive Search company, established in 2018, as a result of extensive executive search experience, not only in Serbia and Adriatic region, but also wider, around Europe, wherever potential clients and candidates can be reached. Our aim is to continue working under real executive search standards and procedures, to stay focused on middle and top management positions and to attract candidates by direct approach methodology. The fact that our candidates usually become our clients, and vice versa, makes our role more responsible and requires the highest professional standards in cooperation with both sides. It requires a strategic approach and a very targeted search. Since January 1st 2021, we have become an Associate Consultant of Mercuri Urval, a leading global Executive Search, Professional Recruitment and Talent Advisory firm.

  • We are focused on quality and not on quantity
  • The seniority level that we are focused on requires very targeted research and not a massive recruitment and selection process
  • Our interviews are semi-structured, and we are focused on required competences
  • We do not present the three best Candidates but only the Candidates that fulfill requirements and continue the search until we find them
  • Our reports are written without “white gloves”
  • During the entire process we respect confidentiality of both sides

Our mission

We support companies in finding the best executives, managers and experts for their businesses in Serbia and in the Adriatic region. With our advice and suggestions, we support their business efforts and help them in finding the best solutions.

Our vision

To be the most reliable and trustworthy executive search partner in Serbia; the partner that will be respected for its professional approach, full commitment and high business and ethical standards.

Main values and principles

Through all steps of the process LeadNet adheres to its basic values and principles:

  • Professionalism and high ethical standards,
  • Full process commitment,
  • Compliance with agreed deadlines,
  • Transparency, accuracy and honesty,
  • Confidentiality and personal data protection,
  • Standardized processes and procedures.
Professionalism and High Ethical Standards:

Each phase of our process, from the first approach right up to the very end, is accompanied by professionalism, communication and hard work. We respect differences in requirements, experience, expertise and know-how. All our Clients and Candidates are treated with the utmost respect.

Full Process Commitment

LeadNet accepts the number of projects that it is capable of managing without the adverse effect on quality. Reliable, well-educated and trained staff work on projects as a team through all its phases. As a small team we are capable to adapt the time frame or certain project phases according to the Clients’ requests, but what we are not willing to do is to make any compromises that will jeopardize the process quality.

Compliance with Agreed Deadlines

During the process LeadNet respects deadlines agreed for each process phase. Deadlines can be prolonged only in case of unexpected situations and adapted to a new time frame agreed with the Client.

Transparency, Accuracy and Honesty

Each and every project and executive search process that LeadNet manages is based on trust and transparency. Our aim is to be considered by our Clients as their reliable partner, one that they can count on in solving their business and staff issues. We are honest in providing our opinions, clear in providing information and very careful when accepting new projects.

Confidential Reports, prepared for each shortlisted candidate, as result of our executive search processes, are prepared according to the project/position requirements. Each candidate is described with full transparency, accuracy and honesty. All reports are prepared by the consultant who had conducted interviews and show the real and full picture of each candidate.

Confidentiality and Personal Data Protection

As an executive search company, we play an important role in protecting the personal data of all process participants – our Clients, Candidates as well as all other institutions and people that may have access to personal data. That’s why LeadNet has taken all required protection measures to secure such data.

LeadNet has an officially registered databases, compliant with Serbian law, and implements all processes and documents that ensure compliance with local legislation and requirements, regarding its proper storage and processing.

LeadNet supports equal opportunity in employment and objectively evaluates all qualified candidates. LeadNet will not discriminate against qualified candidates for any reason whatsoever, including race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, national origin, age or disability.

Standardized Processes and Procedures

In order to raise its business to an even higher and more professional level, LeadNet decided to implement the ISO 9001:2015 standard in its business. YUQS and IQNet (The International Certification Network) certificate for ISO 9001:2015 standard for the scope of: Executive Search and selection process for high and middle management positions, competence assessment and HR (Human Resources) advisory and consulting services (Certificates).